Algae RemovalWe use the environmentally friendly DOFF and TORC systems

Algae RemovalWe use the environmentally friendly DOFF and TORC systems

Algae is unsightly and dangerous, professional removal is a fast and effective solution

Algae removal improves both the hygiene and health safety of your environment, while also improving its aesthetic appeal. Algae looks unsightly and if allowed to build up, it can damage the underlying surfaces and present a dangerous slip hazard. Commercially available products can be ineffective, harmful to the environment and costly in terms of time, effort, and expense. Ideal Cleaning’s professional algae removal service restores any surface, providing ‘like new’ results. Our TORC Vortex and DOFF cleaning systems rapidly and completely removes algae, leaving your environment clean and safe.

Stonehealth accredited in the use of DOFF and TORC cleaning systems
Over 15 years’ experience of industrial cleaning
Fully insured, CHAS and IPAF accredited algae removal service
Environmentally friendly techniques for long-lasting solutions


Algae is a plant-like, photosynthetic organism that flourishes in any environment with moisture, carbon dioxide, minerals and sunlight. The density of algae can suddenly increase with changes to the levels of sunlight or mineral availability. If algae occurs in areas with footfall, this damp, slimy surface can present a dangerous slip hazard. When algae is left untreated, it damages the underlying surface; incomplete treatment leaves residual algae which will quickly flourish.

Accredited and Experienced

Ideal Cleaning are accredited by CHAS, IPAF and Safe Contractor Approved. We are also accredited members of Stonehealth. These accreditations, combined with over 15 years’ experience, give you the assurance that the job will be carried out with professionalism.

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    DOFFSteam Cleaning

    DOFF is a modern take on a classic. Water is among the most environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning, but it can only do so much. That’s where this ‘Superheated Water’ system comes in. It blasts water at temperatures as high as 150°C eliminating algae and any other dirt in its path.

    The DOFF system can be used to remove:

    TORCAbbrasive Cleaning

    TORC uses a combination of water, an inert granular stone and a vortex-creating nozzle to target troublesome cleaning surfaces. It is especially effective on stone and brick, breaking down algae with a combination of swirling, pressurised water containing a substance known as granulate.

    The TORC system is used to remove: