BioSweep® Decontamination100% Contamination free guarantee with Surface Defense®

BioSweep® Decontamination100% Contamination free guarantee with Surface Defense®

  • 100% Contamination free guarantee with Surface Defense®
  • Lasting results using proven technology
  • Over 15 years’ experience of industrial cleaning
  • Cost effective, environmentally safe, fabric safe, green technology

“BioSweep® removes contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevents their return”

BioSweep® is fast, cost-effective, safe for the environment and safe on any surface. Ideal cleaning can treat any area quickly and effectively. BioSweep® provides unparalleled, effective outbreak control against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and Clostridium difficile (C.diff). Once professionally applied, this treatment gives you certified protection for up to one year.


What does this mean for you?

You gain a consistent, long-term solution to pathogen reduction and eradication in any workplace environment, including vehicles. Ideal Cleaning provide the service you need allowing you to return to normal service with minimal disruption, if any. Our service is tailored to your requirements and you receive permanent, lasting results from proven technology.

You are protected against:

  • Harmful pathogens such as: viruses, fungi and bacteria including Staph & E.coli
  • Transmission of disease
  • Biological contaminants in the air and on surfaces within your workplace
  • The return of contaminants and airborne pathogens

The BioSweep® anti-microbial barrier lasts for up to one year, giving you certified protection and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our complete care includes advice before, during and after treatment to help you maintain your high standards of hygiene.

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    How does BioSweep Surface Defense® work?

    Our industry-leading technology BioSweep Surface Defense system is the 100% guarantee you need. Non-toxic, non-leaching and Powered by MonoFoil ®, BioSweep provides unparalleled broad spectrum anti-microbial protection against pathogens such as E.coli and Staphylococcus.

    The organo-functional silane technology damages the target organism’s cell membrane on contact. The product molecularly bonds with any treated surface leaving the entire area anti-microbial. Up to one year of 24/7 protection against microbial growth on all surfaces: plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, natural materials and composites.

    BioSweep even works on carpet, carpet underlay, natural & synthetic fabric, leather, linens and upholstery; Ideal Cleaning has got it covered.

    About the BioSweep® Technology

    Allow us to show you the technology behind BioSweep’s revolutionary air and surface decontamination system. This portable photocatalytic oxidation system involves a five stage process within the unit itself:

    Germicidal UV radiation – Air enters the chamber, airborne microorganisms are irradiated using the complete UV bandwidth, thus preventing further replication by creating peptide bonds within their DNA

    Molecular oxidisers launch a powerful attack – The carbon bonds within the cells of bio-particles are broken within a cloud of sterilising plasma gas. The plasma gas held within the chamber contains a powerful mix of singlet oxygen, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals, atomic oxygen radical and hydro peroxide radicals.

    Oxidation and oxyradical attack – Concentrated trivalent oxygen (O3) is produced within the chamber, more oxyradicals are produced. Trivalent oxygen and hydrogen peroxide molecules are released from the unit to continue their decontamination in the air for up to 45 minutes. After this time they naturally convert back to the harmless elements of oxygen and hydrogen.

    Photocatalytic production of hydroxyl radicals within chamber – The entire chamber is coated inside with nanoparticles which undergo a photocatalytic reaction caused by the UV field. This drives the conversion of the air entering the chamber into more hydroxyl radicals. The new O3 and oxyradicals that are formed will cause the destruction of organic matter and create more oxyradicals within the chamber.

    HEPA Filtration – High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is filtered removing harmful particulates in the air. At this stage Ideal Cleaning can add an optional feed gas if warranted.