Brick and Stone CleaningOne-off or periodic brick and stone cleans

Brick and Stone CleaningOne-off or periodic brick and stone cleans

Whether you’re looking for a professional stone clean to spruce up the look of your building, to help in the identification of structural issues such as missing pointing or cracks, or to remove damaging deposits such as lichen or algae, Ideal Cleaning have the knowledge, experience and equipment to carry out a thorough clean without causing immediate or long term damage.

As members of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, we have helped with the restoration of some of the UK’s most precious architecture. Our senior managers have a wealth of experience, gained through the delivery of many varied stone cleaning and restoration projects.

Our customers range from private home owners through to commercial clients, as well as local authorities, parishes and heritage buildings. One-off or periodic brick and stone cleans can be scheduled with next-day attendance if necessary. For more information, simply contact a member of our support team today on 01622 632 914

Building discolouration, the contributing factors

Typically, our technicians encounter the following factors which contribute to the discolouration and neglected appearance of a building’s facade:

  • General neglect: wear and tear that occurs over time
  • Harsh weather: damp or humid conditions, buildings close to the coast
  • Natural growths: algae, moss and other weeds, plants or fungi
  • Modern day pollutants: traffic film, carbon deposits

Pollution levels are increasing within towns and cities across the UK, resulting in residential and commercial buildings increasingly being exposed to pollutants that not only alter a building’s appearance, but can also damage the architecture of a building. Periodical brick and/or stone cleans, alongside the use of specialist sealants, not only restore a building’s appearance but also helps to maintain a building’s facade.

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James S., Shaftesbury Primary School

“Fantastic results on all external walls, very glad to have had the work done. I cannot recommend Ideal highly enough, very helpful and informative on all aspects of work carried out.”

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    DOFFSteam Cleaning

    Because the DOFF System is a steam based cleaning method, there is no need to use a chemical biocide during the course of the treatment. This makes the DOFF System environmentally friendly and well suited for use on heritage buildings.

    Having the ability to increase the temperature of the steam, means that the DOFF System can make short work of removing different types of paint and biological matter such as algae and moss. The temperature at the nozzle end of the DOFF System can reach up to 150°C. When removing paint, we apply our specialist, water-based, paint softener 24 hours before the start of the cleaning programme. We are able to remove most indoor and outdoor paints and lacquers.

    The DOFF System is incredibly versatile and can be used to safely clean a multitude of masonry types, including natural stone and bricks. Using high temperature steam and applying low pressure to the surface being cleaned, means that the surface will be dry in a matter of minutes, avoiding saturation of the brick or stone.

    The DOFF system can be used to remove:

    TORCAbbrasive Cleaning

    Created and supplied by Stonehealth, Ideal Cleaning use the TORC System for more challenging building facade cleans. The TORC system generates a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, water and a safe fine granulate.

    The TORC system is extremely efficient and versatile due to the TORC Head being interchangeable. This allows our technicians to adapt the TORC system based on the environment that they’re cleaning i.e. a larger cone can be attached and used to clean large areas such as Ashlar.

    Ideal Cleaning’s customers can be safe in the knowledge that the systems used by our technicians are environmentally friendly. Customers can also benefit from the sealants that Ideal Cleaning stock, to assist in providing protection from future atmospheric pollutants.

    The TORC system is used to remove:

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