Confined Space CleaningOne-off or periodic confined space cleans

Confined Space CleaningOne-off or periodic confined space cleans

A confined space is anywhere that normal working movements and procedures may be restricted. This includes places like sewers, basements, undercrofts, chimneys and service tunnels. These environments often lack oxygen, have high concentrations of dust, and may be sensitive to any disturbance. Only certified and well-trained individuals are able to work in this type of space.

Health and safety regulations are restrictive because of the dangerous nature of these environments.

Before operatives access tanks, chambers, pipes, culverts, or any other tight, high-risk space they require a signed permit-to-work. This is formal declaration confirms that our technicians can enter the space, details how the work will be conducted, and confirms that a strategy has been put in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The execution of these complicated projects requires thorough training and purpose-made equipment. Ideal Cleaning has over 15 years of industrial cleaning experience. Our trained, specialist technicians are equipped to handle confined spaces. We are able to work with your organisation to develop practical, safe ways to access tanks, silos and other ’tight’ spaces that require decontamination.

Peace of Mind

Ideal Cleaning provides a reliable, fully insured service for all of your industrial cleaning needs. We are CHAS accredited and use industry-leading solutions to treat waste or product build-up, stains and general bacteria affecting confined spaces. We work efficiently, ensuring that the results are long lasting and that surfaces require minimal upkeep following the treatment.

There is a tendency to leave the cleaning of confined spaces to the point that the wider environment is adversely affected because it appears to be so complex.

This can further complicate an already challenging task. Ideal Cleaning use a range of specialised technologies to deal with these conditions and have the breathing apparatus and gas monitoring equipment necessary to ensure that work is carried out in a safe and controlled way with the fewest possible complications.

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