Graffiti RemovalComplete paint and graffiti surface removal

Graffiti RemovalComplete paint and graffiti surface removal

Swift, effective graffiti removal, the best solution to keep your environment clean

Graffiti is unsightly, offensive and it can damage underlying paintwork from the moment it is sprayed. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as the TORC and DOFF systems, Ideal Cleaning can completely remove graffiti whilst protecting surfaces, thereby reducing overall costs. Call us as soon as you discover graffiti; our rapid response time and advanced cleaning techniques safely remove graffiti and minimise the need for remedial paintwork. Our accredited technicians use environmentally friendly solutions and specialist equipment to ensure graffiti is removed safely and efficiently.

  Access to powerful paint softener, for internal and external use, suitable for removing paint, varnish and lacquers from masonry, wood and metal.
  Surfaces are left with little to no trace of graffiti
  Accredited, fully insured organisation
  15 years’ experience of effective graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal Solutions

Statistics show that if graffiti is removed within 48 hours, it is highly unlikely to re-occur. Quick action allows no time for the negative association to form with graffiti artists or visitors. The spray paints that are used can vary and the length of time graffiti has been left untreated will indicate a tailored course of action to remove it. Our trained technicians will choose from a range of graffiti removal solutions to achieve the best possible results. Our advanced technology enables us to remove the most challenging graffiti:

TORC – Granulate stone is combined with water and expelled under pressure through a vortex nozzle. This system cleverly gets ‘under the paint’, lifting it easily from the surface and leaving a clean, graffiti-free surface.

DOFF – Particularly useful on more delicate surfaces, DOFF utilises superheated water to achieve flawless results. The water is expelled at lower pressure, allowing the 150°C heat to completely remove the unwanted paint, another completely environmentally friendly solution.

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