Hazardous Environment CleaningProfessional chemical cleaning service

Hazardous Environment CleaningProfessional chemical cleaning service

 “Mercury is the most potent neurotoxin known to man. It doesn’t break down in the body or the environment. If left, it enters the food chain and accumulates”

Why choose Ideal cleaning for your hazardous environment cleaning?

In any workplace there is a duty of care to keep a safe working environment. We have the expertise to ensure your workplace is safe and compliant. Our professional cleaning service gives you highly trained technicians, specialist equipment and industrial cleaning materials to take care of your hazardous chemical cleaning for you. We will safely remove hazardous chemicals and dispose of all contaminated materials safely and effectively, ensuring you are compliant.  Our specialist cleaning equipment enables us to deal with hazardous chemicals efficiently and as licensed waste carriers we will ensure fast and safe removal. Our care includes advice before, during and after treatment to help you prevent further damage.

Why is it important to remove hazardous chemicals professionally?

Mercury and bromine are dangerous for the environment and VERY TOXIC. Large mercury spills will continue to contaminate an area for significant periods if not removed effectively. It is virtually impossible to decontaminate an area without the correct equipment. Mercury poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation or absorption through the skin. Once inhaled, mercury will be dispersed to all tissues of the body, especially the kidneys. Inhalation causes: breathlessness, pulmonary tightness, pneumonitis, haemoptysis and respiratory distress. Ultimately, exposure to mercury can lead to renal failure, peripheral neuropathy and hepatic dysfunction can result. There is significant environmental impact and mercury is very toxic to aquatic life.

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