Street CleaningOne-off or periodic street cleans

Street CleaningOne-off or periodic street cleans

Town centres and locations with “high-traffic” footpaths contend with a variety of cleaning challenges. These high-footfall areas require regular maintenance, made more challenging by the fact that they are normally busy. We work closely with local authorities and organisations to manage their street cleaning requirements, from pedestrian areas to highways and everything in between.

In areas where footfall is high, periodic intensive cleansing is a necessity. We apply a collaborative approach that seeks to gain the best possible outcome for all the stakeholders involved.

We are flexible as to how and when we operate, taking the unique requirements of businesses and others who may be affected into account in our project plan, doing all we can to minimise disruption to their daily lives. We will work with authorities and governing bodies to manage walkway closure, where necessary, road closure and with local water authorities for hydrant access.

Ideal Cleaning understands that public spaces need to be inviting places to live, work and shop in.  We are highly motivated to make this need a reality and have over 15 years industrial cleaning experience.

Street Cleaning Services

Ideal Cleaning has a team of street cleaning experts restoring surfaces such as granite paving stones, slate paving, block paving and much more.

If unsightly chewing gum, fuel and oil stains, general grime and dirt build-up are becoming a problem on your stonework, paving and other surfaces, our teams are able to resolve the problem, refreshing communal spaces with environmentally sound solutions.

In this environment, chewing gum and graffiti present some of the most challenging problems associated with public area cleaning. Their removal can be time consuming and labour intensive. Our inventory of powerful cleaning equipment applied skilfully by our experienced team of cleaning experts ensures that this type of litter is removed quickly and efficiently. Amongst the most effective of those solutions for the cleaning and restoration of block paving, brick and stone work is our DOFF ‘Superheated Water’ system.

Ideal Cleaning is available to work on both regular maintenance and one-off deep cleaning projects. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. Our expert team will find a convenient time to visit your site, assess your needs, and discuss what options are open to you.

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    DOFFSteam Cleaning

    DOFF is a modern take on a classic. Water is among the most environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning, but it can only do so much. That’s where this ‘Superheated Water’ system comes in. It blasts water at temperatures as high as 150°C eliminating algae and any other dirt in its path.

    The DOFF system can be used to remove:

    TORCAbbrasive Cleaning

    TORC uses a combination of water, an inert granular stone and a vortex-creating nozzle to target troublesome cleaning surfaces. It is especially effective on stone and brick, breaking down algae with a combination of swirling, pressurised water containing a substance known as granulate.

    The TORC system is used to remove: